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Burlap Door Hangers

Check out our latest product!  These door hangers are our fastest selling items!

Every door hanger is hand-painted, stitched and stuffed. 


Custom requests are no problem, either!

Most Door Hangers sell for $30 each, but a few actually sell for less!  No two are exactly alike, as they are all hand-crafted.

Birthday Cake

This birthday cake helps set the mood when celebrating that big day!

Purple Green & Gold Fleur De Lis
This Fleur De Lis that would be perfect for every Louisiana home looking to celebrate Mardi Gras, or even year round!
Black & Gold Fleur De Lis
This Fleur De Lis would be perfect for any Louisiana home.
Purple & Gold Fleur De Lis
Another Fleur De Lis that would be perfect for every Louisiana home.


We can put your team's logo on one side; but it is also reversible!  It's $20 for one side, and only $30 for two.
Pink Flower

Spring showers bring these beautiful flowers!  Available in Yellow, Pink, & Red

American Flag
This Flag is perfect for celebrating Memorial Day, Veterans Day or the 4th of July.

King Cake

You know it's Mardi Gras season when the King Cakes appear at your local grocery.  This sweet little pastry would look great decorating your front door! 

Mardi Gras Comedy Mask

This classic comedy mask has long been used to express the Mardi Gras sprirt in New Orleans homes.

Mardi Gras Mask

This mask would be great for anyone thinking of adding some Mardi Gras flair to their home.

Jester Hat

This burlap hanger would be fashionable headgear for any Mardi Gras Jester.


This shamrock will certainly bring your home the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick's Day; and it is only $25.

Easter Bunny

This new Easter Bunny will help decorate your home just so this Easter!  Plus, he is just $25.00.

Easter Egg (Blue)

This festive Easter Egg will surely dress up your door!

Easter Egg (Yellow)

The neighbors surely won't have trouble seeing these polka-dots from the street this Easter!


You are in for a treat with this Halloween ghost!

Witch Boot

Kick start your Halloween decorating with this witch boot door hanger for just $25.

Witch Hat

Check out the vibrant colors on this witch's hat.
Thanksgiving Turkey
What's fall without your Thanksgiving Turkey?  This colorful door hanger can be seen easily from across the street! 

Elf Boot

This red burlap hanger would be fashionable footwear for one of Santa's Elves.


This Stocking could be hung on your front door, with care. 


*Plus, the top can be easily personalized!

Candy Cane

This candy cane sure is sweet, and priced right at $25.

Ornament 1

This festive ornament will surely dress up your door!
Ornament 2
The neighbors surely won't have trouble seeing these polka-dots from the street this Christmas!
Ornament 3

This cheery ornament is new this year!

Ornament 4

This classic styled ornament will put you in the Christmas spirit!
Nothing will put you in the Christmas spirit like having Santa on your front door!  This beautifully detailed door hanger is only $35.